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New Product Announcement – Breakthrough in Diabetes Therapy

The best results from PIC Indolor technology.

The newest innovation in diabetes therapy from PIC. The Insupen 32G is the thinnest insulin pen needle ever released. Developed with cutting-edge techniques and manufactured to the highest standards, they are a result of PIC’s ability to understand and resolve patients’ actual needs to provide a real breakthrough in diabetes therapy.

Insupen pen needles have a reduced wall thickness to enable a greater flow. The 32G pen needle has an effective external diameter of only 0.23mm and an enlarged internal diameter to give a flow almost equal to that of broader needles. All this results in a faster injection.

Clinical and instrumental tests have shown that their special triple sharpening and anti-friction treatment improve penetration and minimize patient discomfort. An innovative technology, with our patients needs always in mind, to finally end the pain of insulin therapy by reducing injection discomfort.

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* (Not for sale in Canada)