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Blood Glucose Testing & Medical Supplies

(not licenced for sale in Canada)

At MPD our diversity of products serve individual pharmacies, retail store chains, DMEs, medical supply outfits, long term care facilities and the military. We stock and ship daily an assortment of blood glucose testing supplies for every major brand currently on the market. From glucose test strips and meters to insulin syringes and pen needles, at MPD we strive to offer the widest selection of products at first-rate pricing. Please ask us about our ever increasing variety of accessories, which include: MPD brand lancing devices, blood pressure monitors, specialized home test kits (cholesterol, fertility, pregnancy, etc…) and respiratory peak flow meters.

Our Newest Product Feature:

PIC Insumed® by Artsana

Medical Plastic Devices is proud to offer our latest addition to our distribution line of products, the PIC Insumed precision syringes.   The PIC brand is a proven global market leader in all products they manufacture and distribute. We plan to continue that success with the introduction of these innovative European syringes in the United States.

The Insumed syringes come in a selection of needle gauges and capacities.

  • 0.3 mL syringes, with their graduated scale indicating half units, are ideal for administering small doses and are particularly useful in pediatric treatments.

  • 0.5 mL syringes are the most suitable for administering insulin. They are versatile and make it easier to mix different types of insulin

  • 1 mL syringes are the most traditional way for administering insulin.

  • * All Insumed syringe boxes include a magnifying lens to magnify the graduated scale and make it easier to read when setting the dosage.

PIC Insumed features

  • Zero space (or no-dead-space) syringes.

  • Exclusive magnifying lens.

  • High transparency polypropylene cylinder.

  • Flat, Latex Free, Triple contact rubber gasket.

  • PIC Indolor needle with triple sharpening.

  • ETO sterilized.

Part NumberNeedle Gauge & LengthUnits (Capacity)GraduationsUnits/Box
P352030G x 12.7mm1cc (1mL)100100
P352130G x 8mm1cc (1mL)100100
P352231G x 8mm1/2cc (0.5mL)50100
P352331G x 8mm1/3cc (0.3mL)60100

(All Insumed syringes are boxed with 10 bags (each containing 10 syringes) and are available in cases of 12 boxes.)

Insupen Pen Needles

Insupen pen needles have the exclusive PIC Indolor needle. Their wide assortment can provide the best delivery for all needs. And with their special lubricating treatment, the PIC Insupen pen needles guarantee a practically pain-free injection.

Insupen pen needles are the most sophisticated way to delivery injections, as they provide patients with the best solution for treatment, guaranteeing extremely easy use and minimal impact on daily life.

PIC Insupen features:

  • Lubricating treatments and triple sharpening for easier skin penetration.

  • Larger internal diameter ensures an easier and quicker insulin flow.

  • “Anti-coring” technology for easier cartridge insertion.

  • Individually wrapped for maximum safety.

  • Compatible with all major insulin delivery pens.

  • Exclusive 32G pen needle with thinner walls enable easier penetration while maintaining a high flow.

Part NumberNeedle Gauge & LengthUnits/Box
P450029G x 12mm100
P450130G x 8mm100
P450231G x 6mm100
P450331G x 8mm100
P450432G x 6mm *100
P450532G x 6mm *100

(All Insupen pen needles are packaged in boxes of 100 units and cases of 12 boxes.)

* The PIC Insupen 32G Sensitive is the thinnest insulin pen needle on the market. Developed with cutting edge technology and manufactured to the highest standards, the 32G ensures an even more effective treatment for diabetic patients while minimizing discomfort.


  1. We recommend you always consult a medical practitioner to choose the right needle type and injection site.

  2. These syringes and pen needles are disposable. We recommend that they be replaced after each injection. They should be disposed of in an approved manner.

  • HDI
  • Hypoguard
  • and others 

Our exceptionally skilled team of Account Managers handle our distribution business. With ongoing training in our distribution sales department, our customers are offered the highest level of competency in their dealings with MPD.  

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