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Every year, the staff of Diabetes Self-Management magazine compile “New Tools”, an article that provides up-to-date information on the latest glucose meters, pumps and other tools for the management of diabetes. This year’s edition features the PIC Insumed Syringe offered by Medical Plastic Devices, Inc.

To link to the article and learn about some of the unique characteristics of the PIC Insumed Syringe, please click here.


PIC Insumed 


Medical Plastic Devices is proud to announce the release of the PIC Insumed precision syringes in the United States. On July 1st, 2008 MPD began a mass distribution campaign of these innovative European syringes in conjunction with the already popular Insupen pen needles from PIC.

The PIC brand is a proven global market leader in all products they manufacture and distribute. They continued this success with the introduction of the Insupen Pen Needles for the U.S. market in July of 2007. With their partnership with MPD, their Pen Needles have since captured their own market share demonstrating a remarkable growth potential. 

The PIC Insumed has been a proven growth leader in the European market. Its precision graduated scale and exclusive magnifying lens was designed with the patient in mind. The Insumed has garnered vast word-of-mouth success among diabetic educators in the United States, and is positioned to be a growth product in that marketplace.  

Medical Plastic Devices continually brings to market the most innovative of medical devices with the end user in mind. They are pleased to bring on board the PIC Insumed and look forward to its’ success.      


(* Not available in Canada)


Blood Pressure Monitors


A recent Joint Scientific Statement by the American Heart Association, the American Society of Hypertension and the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association has issued a call to action on the Use and Reimbursement for Home Blood Pressure Monitoring (22-May-08). 

Many individuals with high blood pressure (approximately 25% of all Americans) should own and perform regular pressure checks with a Home BPM. As high blood pressure is the leading cause of strokes, heart attacks and even death, individuals should have access to their own blood pressure monitors for vigilante monitoring. 

As a medical device that is readily available at local pharmacies for about $50 to $100, the Blood Pressure Monitor is not usually covered by insurance. Though the AHA and other groups believe that the device should be covered, as the disease leads to about 7 million deaths annually in the U.S. alone. 

Currently there are 3 popular types of pressure monitors; finger, wrist & arm. The most popular, the arm monitor has also been shown to be the most accurate in the series. But in all instances the AHA advises to visit a doctor to prescribe the appropriate monitor and medication if required. 

For more details and tools for better health, please visit the website for the American Heart Association 

Or to read a brief on the news article click here  



* Look for MPD Blood Pressure Monitors at your local pharmacy.


Medical Plastic Devices Inc. & their PIC Indolor pen needle were recently featured in a popular diabetes management magazine.  

Pen needles and pen needle remover

Product: PIC Insupen pen needles

(866) MEDPLAS (633-7527)   


What it does: According to their manufacturer, PIC Insupen pen needles are the first 32-gauge pen needles on the market. These pen needles use the PIC Indolor needle, which has a number of features intended to reduce pain, including the small gauge (which creates a smaller hole in the skin), lubrication, and a large internal diameter that allows for quicker insulin flow. The pen needles are compatible with all leading insulin pens and are available in lengths of 6 millimeters, ideal for children and thin adults, and 8 millimeters, ideal for those of average build.

Availability: PIC Insupen pen needles are currently available in select retail stores in the United States.*

 For more information concerning the PIC 32-gauge pen needles please see your local pharmacy for more information, or contact our knowledgeable staff for more details. 


* Currently not available in Canada.


In an effort to continually make technological improvements, Medical Plastic Devices has added 2 new pieces of equipment to its RF sealing division.  

MPD’s newest cleanroom RF sealer is a micro-processor controlled, state-of-the-art 2 cycle unit capable of 20” by 30” surface area of sealing. It will support our production lines with high precision and quality, while providing greater capacity for future growth. 

We have also added the latest in leak detection instrumentation. Our newest leak detector, combined with an MPD-developed non-destructive testing fixture, brings our RF sealing metrology to new levels of precision and speed. 

Maintaining total customer satisfaction is a priority at MPD. These enhancements to our RF sealing division will ensure quality, upgrade capacity, improve efficiency, and support our ongoing commitment to employing the latest technologies. 

For more information, please contact our manufacturing division


Medical Plastic Devices is pleased to announce the distribution of its new product lines through McKesson Canada and U.S.A.   

Based in Richmond, Virginia and Montreal, Quebec – McKesson HBOC Medical Group is the only nationwide, multi-market, medical/surgical supplier and the leading alternate site medical/surgical supplier to physicians, clinics, long-term care and home care. Additional information on the Medical Group is available at their website.  

Medical Plastic Devices (MPD) Inc. was established in 1984 to provide precision manufacturing services to the healthcare industry. The strong quality systems at MPD are based on our continual commitment to satisfying our customer requirements. Our specialty distribution division was developed to market medical supplies such as diabetic test strips, meter kits, pen needles and syringes. It also markets our MPD line of quality lancets, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pregnancy test kits, as well as other products, to pharmacies and distributors across the United States and Canada*. 

MPD’s exclusive 32G PIC Insupen® insulin pen needles are now available through McKesson U.S.A., as well as our premium MPD lancets. In response to the demand from various Canadian pharmacy chains for a more competitively priced, high-quality lancets, McKesson Canada has chosen to carry the premium MPD lancets.    


McKesson U.S.A.                     

1846369  MPD Lancets – Thin, 100’s

1846955  MPD Lancets – Thin, 200’s

1847334  MPD Lancets – Ultra-Thin, 100’s

1847664  MPD Lancets – Ultra-Thin, 200’s 

1174606  PIC Insupen® Pen Needles 32G 6mm, 100’s      

1177377  PIC Insupen® Pen Needles 32G 8mm, 100’s                


McKesson Canada                  

209197  MPD Lancets – Ultra-Thin, 100’s  


Medical Plastic Devices looks forward to making available several additional premium brands through McKesson’s global network.     



* Certain product lines are not available yet in Canada.


After extensively researching several international manufacturers of high-quality safety lancets, Medical Plastic Devices is proud to announce its North-American launch of the Medlance® Plus. With an innovative design and unique European construction, the Medlance® Plus is a proven world leader in the safety lancet market. 

Medlance® Plus:

–         Safe for healthcare professionals – helps prevent accidental needle sticks and cross-contamination.

–         Extra safety and easy to use – requires little instruction.

–         3 color-coded flow levels available to cover all requirements.

–         Ultra sharp tri-beveled silicone coated needle.

–         Uniform capillary blood sampling has never been simpler.

–         Used to obtain samples for various diagnostic purposes.  


For more information, please contact one of our highly qualified MPD Account Managers.


MPD is pleased to launch the PIC Insupen® – Insulin Pen Needle product line in the United States.*

We are announcing our partnership with Artsana of Italy, an international manufacturer of quality health products whose mission is to provide an effective easy-to-use remedy and to improve quality of life.  

The history of PIC brand is a success story which began 36 years ago with a painless needle offering unique features. The Insupen® product has been developed over the years into a highly specialized, extremely high-quality range.

Safe, Practical & Virtually Pain-Free 


Insupen® pen needles are the most sophisticated way to deliver injections, as they provide patients with the best solution for treatment, guaranteeing extremely easy use and minimal impact on daily life.

Insupen® – Insulin Pen Needles:

   – Wide variety of needle lengths and gauge sizes for all pen needle needs. (For pediatric use to individuals with thick subcutaneous tissue)

   – Sterile, Disposable, Pyrogen-Free and Non-Toxic.

   – Compatible with all universal insulin delivery pens (Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Owen Mumford, Aventis).


For more information, please contact one of our highly qualified MPD Account Managers.  

 * (not for sale in Canada)