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MPD Featurette Magazine Article

Medical Plastic Devices Inc. & their PIC Indolor pen needle were recently featured in a popular diabetes management magazine.  

Pen needles and pen needle remover

Product: PIC Insupen pen needles

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What it does: According to their manufacturer, PIC Insupen pen needles are the first 32-gauge pen needles on the market. These pen needles use the PIC Indolor needle, which has a number of features intended to reduce pain, including the small gauge (which creates a smaller hole in the skin), lubrication, and a large internal diameter that allows for quicker insulin flow. The pen needles are compatible with all leading insulin pens and are available in lengths of 6 millimeters, ideal for children and thin adults, and 8 millimeters, ideal for those of average build.

Availability: PIC Insupen pen needles are currently available in select retail stores in the United States.*

 For more information concerning the PIC 32-gauge pen needles please see your local pharmacy for more information, or contact our knowledgeable staff for more details. 


* Currently not available in Canada.