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New Product Announcement – Pen Needle Product Line

MPD is pleased to launch the PIC Insupen® – Insulin Pen Needle product line in the United States.*

We are announcing our partnership with Artsana of Italy, an international manufacturer of quality health products whose mission is to provide an effective easy-to-use remedy and to improve quality of life.  

The history of PIC brand is a success story which began 36 years ago with a painless needle offering unique features. The Insupen® product has been developed over the years into a highly specialized, extremely high-quality range.

Safe, Practical & Virtually Pain-Free 


Insupen® pen needles are the most sophisticated way to deliver injections, as they provide patients with the best solution for treatment, guaranteeing extremely easy use and minimal impact on daily life.

Insupen® – Insulin Pen Needles:

   – Wide variety of needle lengths and gauge sizes for all pen needle needs. (For pediatric use to individuals with thick subcutaneous tissue)

   – Sterile, Disposable, Pyrogen-Free and Non-Toxic.

   – Compatible with all universal insulin delivery pens (Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Owen Mumford, Aventis).


For more information, please contact one of our highly qualified MPD Account Managers.  

 * (not for sale in Canada)