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New Technologies for RF Sealing Division

In an effort to continually make technological improvements, Medical Plastic Devices has added 2 new pieces of equipment to its RF sealing division.  

MPD’s newest cleanroom RF sealer is a micro-processor controlled, state-of-the-art 2 cycle unit capable of 20” by 30” surface area of sealing. It will support our production lines with high precision and quality, while providing greater capacity for future growth. 

We have also added the latest in leak detection instrumentation. Our newest leak detector, combined with an MPD-developed non-destructive testing fixture, brings our RF sealing metrology to new levels of precision and speed. 

Maintaining total customer satisfaction is a priority at MPD. These enhancements to our RF sealing division will ensure quality, upgrade capacity, improve efficiency, and support our ongoing commitment to employing the latest technologies. 

For more information, please contact our manufacturing division